• Data Science Strategy

Finding Opportunities for New Insights

Data science, including predictive modeling and machine learning, provides opportunities to fundamentally change the way businesses operate and formulate decisions.  It has the ability to enhance reporting on historical data with more forward-looking capabilities.  While promising, many companies struggle with developing a strategy to deliver these new capabilities.  WebbMason’s Data Science Strategy program provides clients with an opportunity to identify, prioritize, and budget a Data Science roadmap.


Our program addresses three key questions related to Data Science:


  • Where are opportunities for data science and advanced analytics within the business?
  • What process and technologies do we use to develop these capabilities?
  • What skill sets are required and where are these skill sets found within my current talent pool?

Accelerate Data Science Adoption

This six to eight week program involves collaboration between our clients’ key stakeholders and our seasoned Data Science team.  At the conclusion of this program, we provide a comprehensive roadmap that allows you to quickly incorporate Data Science within your organization.

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