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Thanks to Big Data technologies like Hadoop, companies are now able to bring data together in ways they never could before. Not only can you merge structured data from your data warehouse with your CRM, POS, Financial or other relational sources, you can now integrate data from external and unstructured sources including third-party data feeds, social media, marketing, telematics, and many more.  There is a lot of low-hanging fruit present in these use cases.  The right data pipeline, combined with the right data visualization, can provide visibility and insights like never before.

We Have the Complete Team

WebbMason Analytics has a team of data engineers that can help you through the process of taking advantage of these opportunities.  Our team will work with you to integrate data sources from across your business and develop dashboards and reporting capabilities that assist in the decision making process.


Once the data is integrated, we can help develop strategies and analytics that will provide real-time, data-driven decision support capabilities.  While advanced analytics, like predictive modeling, are hot topics, many companies can generate tremendous value by providing simple visibility into the data they capture today.

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