• Big Data Strategy

Providing Answers to the Unknown

Companies are realizing the value of Big Data, and they want the capabilities deployed yesterday.

WebbMason’s Big Data Strategy provides knowledge gathered over six years of deploying Hadoop consolidated into a two-four week engagement.  We consult with clients to determine:

  • How Hadoop fits into their current architecture
  • What Hadoop technologies need to be deployed
  • The roadmap for implementing the Hadoop environment
  • The costs associated with Hadoop
  • And most importantly, how Hadoop will improve decisions

Many clients initially considered Hadoop as cheap data storage.  The problem is data storage does not translate into better decision making.  We help clients change the discussion from data storage to analytics and insights and provide a short, strategic engagement that will quickly get you on the path to better decisions.

Whether you have a robust data warehouse, advanced business intelligence solutions, or are still running mainframes, we have worked within diverse technical environments.  Our Big Data Strategy is the perfect solution for those who need to develop a Big Data Strategy, and do it quickly.

Aligning Big Data with New Insights

We collaborate with you to develop a capability architecture that incorporates Hadoop and complementary Big Data technologies.  This system includes:

  • Security & Administration
  • Data Processing & Data Pipeline Management
  • Data Visualization & Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Data Storage & Infrastructure 
  • Advanced Analytics


This architecture allows us to determine how your functional requirements align with the many technology options in the Big Data space. 

Unmatched Expertise

During this engagement, our Hadoop expertise really comes into play.  We leverage our previous deployment experience with a wide array of technologies in the Hadoop space and quickly document which technologies in the market align with your functional requirements.  From there, we are able to recommend technologies for each component of your architecture, develop a final target architecture, and produce a six or twelve month implementation roadmap.


Many of our clients have the skills to evaluate all the technologies in the Hadoop space, but they don’t have the time or resources to devote to it.  We can drastically reduce the time it takes to determine if Hadoop will work for you.

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