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Solving Traditional Problems

Businesses need a centralized Analytic Platform that can consolidate siloed analytic development within various business units.  Similar to how the data warehouse consolidated legacy systems, our Analytic Platform provides a central, web-based solution that can support data storage, data cleansing and integration, reporting and advanced analytics, and dashboards and decision support – all activities required to transform your business with data.  We are not a software company; we leverage best-in-breed technologies and provide the integration required to transform software to solutions.

WebbMason Provides the Solution

The WebbMason Analytic Platform provides a world-class, turnkey data management and analytics environment. It is a fully hosted, Analytics Platform-as-a-Service. It provides the Big Data infrastructure and tools necessary to build and automate pipelines for ingesting, cleaning, and integrating data to prepare for analysis. The platform includes traditional business intelligence (BI) capabilities for creating data visualizations and providing self-service access to data, as well as advanced analytics capabilities (e.g. R and Python) to support advanced modeling. It truly provides a one-stop-shop for all analytics projects.


The WebbMason Analytics Platform supports an agile process focused on delivering business value. The components of our platform help our team deliver insights at the speed of business. We do not use drawn-out, waterfall-style delivery models and the components of our platform support our agile mode of operations. 

Multiple Deployment Options

While many customers choose our hosted model, some customers prefer this solution to be deployed on their internal servers or within their private cloud environment. This flexibility allows us to deliver the right solution, regardless of infrastructure, for our clients.

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